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About Parveen G J H School

Parveen School caters to each child's social, emotional and developmental needs providing an environment which allows each child to grow with self confidence, fully equipped to become a balanced successful human being in this world and the hereafter.

Parveen School will educate children to get the best of both worlds—a high-quality education founded on a revolutionary, world recognised educational philosophy that is the Montessori “method” for ages 1 to 6 and IGCSE Syllabus for Ages 6 and up while simultaneously maintaining the need for Islamic teachings and guidance as one’s way of life. Our greater vision is to ensure that educating children through the Islamic Montessori way reaches far and wide all over India and beyond by committing to our mission of providing extensive training for future teachers of Islamic Montessori who are English proficient and of high standards. May Allah SWT’s blessings be with us, Insha-Allah.