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Nasal Reshaping(Rhinoplasty)

Nasal Re-shaping means the same thing as Rhinoplasty. Nasal re-shaping, however, is different than rhinoplasty because it doesn’t require surgery. Nasal procedure including:-

  • Improvement of nasal depressions
  • Smoothing of nasal bums and deviations
  • Revision from a past rhinoplasty procedure

Surgical rhinoplasty including:-

  • Correcting and enlarge, drooping, upturned, hooked or bulbous nasal tip
  • Fixing the size and/or position of the nostrils – enlarged , wide or upturned
  • Improving the width of the nose bridge
  • Altering the appearance of certain types of humps or depressions on the profile of the nose
  • Helping to better the proportions the nose to provide symmetry and continuity with the face
  • Repair of a deviated septum