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Bridal packages

We offer pre-wedding cosmetic plastic surgery and facial treatments including Botox, Body Sculpting, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Face Lifts, And Anti-aging treatments.

Every bride deserves to be flawlessly beautiful on her wedding day. In addition to brides, those attending a momentous wedding, including the mother of the bride or groom and brides’ maids, want to look their best for the event as well. Dr. Monica can help you attain a picture-perfect look with results you can enjoy for many years to come. We offer personalized bridal plastic surgery packages that caters to the needs of the bridal parties of all sizes. Our group Botox offerings are perfect for bachelorette parties.

The appropriate type of bridal treatment packages recommended will depend on what each individual wants to accomplish including things like:

  • Getting rid of facial lines and wrinkles on targeted areas
  • Helping yourself feel and look younger and healthier
  • Refining and improving a feature of your face that you have always disliked
  • Correcting an aspect of your face that resulted from natural aging, such as hollowness or undereye bags
  • Erasing facial scars, dark spots and correcting skin pigmentation issues

Bridal services may include things ranging from in-office procedures like Botox, dermal fillers and laser skin resurfacing to a surgical procedure or a combination of procedures. Dr. Monica Kapoor is known for tailoring comprehensive treatment plans that often involves one or more facial procedures and skin therapies in order to achieve the best and the most natural looking results.

Cosmetic Bridal Procedures: What’s Right for You?

Dermal Fillers

  •  A popular and widely-used in-office treatment that achieves effective results with no recovery time. Fillers are injected in the face to help lessen deep wrinkles, fill hollowed out areas, and restore youthful facial contours.


  •  Often performed in conjunction with dermal fillers, Botox is another popular injectable treatment administered in-office with no recovery time. Botox effectively stops the muscle movements that lead to facial wrinkles.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

  •  In this in-office procedure, a laser machine uses CO2 to help erase wrinkles and fine lines, pigmented or dark spots, skin tone irregularities, acne scars, and to smooth skin over for a fresh new look. Downtime is usually a couple of days.

Surgical Bridal Procedures: What’s Right For You?

The type of surgical procedure will depend on each individual’s unique needs and desired facial changes. Below are some of our more popular procedures for facial rejuvenation. If your aesthetic concerns are related to other features, including the nose, ears, neck or chin.


  • With this surgical procedure for the eyelids, Dr. Monica Kapoor is able to remove excess skin or fat from the eyelids, fix sagging, and correct puffiness and bags under the eyes. The effect is a significantly firmer-looking eye area. Eyes look much more refreshed and open, both in-person and in pictures.


  • Dr. Monica Kapoor often sees older brides or bridal party members who are looking for the ultimate facial rejuvenation in advance of an upcoming wedding. She offers several different types of facelift procedures, customized to each patient’s needs and goals. Her endoscopic mid-facelift is minimally invasive and allows for a quicker recovery. The deep plane facelift in which the muscle beneath the skin is repositioned before the skin is re-draped. This cutting-edge surgery lasts longer than traditional facelifts with no skin sagging and the results are exceptionally natural-looking.