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Double Chin Reduction

  • You don’t have to be obese to suffer from a double chin. Even people of normal weight can tend to carry extra fat and loose skin in their chin and neck area.
  • Known medically as submental fat, a double chin can be difficult to resolve. Certainly, good lifestyle habits like a balanced diet and regular exercise can help, but the causes of excess submental fat often simply boil down to facial structure and genetics.
  • Here, we’ll take a look at several methods of addressing a double chin.


  • There really is no overstating the importance of a healthy diet and aerobic exercise to your complete health. Not only will these good habits keep your body looking younger and toned, but they are excellent methods of reducing your risk of everything from heart disease to cancer.
  • However, it is definitely possible to be in great shape and still suffer from a double chin, particularly if you are older.
  • The problem with diet and exercise is that spot reduction of fat is not possible, as beneficial as these efforts may be.